Andy Griffith, dies at 86


Andy Griffith, America’s favorite sheriff, dies at 86

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Television icon Andy Griffith, best known as the sage town sheriff in the ’60s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show and as a cantankerous defense attorney on 1980s-’90s drama Matlock, died today in Roanoke Island, N.C. He was 86 years old. Friend and former University of North Carolina president Bill Friday confirmed the news to WITN News, an NBC affiliate in Washington, N.C.

Born an only child in Mount Airy, N.C., Griffith spent his boyhood listening to music. He aspired to be an opera singer before turning his attention to acting after college at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He began his career as a comedic monologist with the 1953 release of What It Was, Was Football, a massive hit both on radio and in stores. On Broadway, he earned Tony nominations playing a country bumpkin in the Army-based comedy No Time for Sergeants and a sheriff in the musical Destry Rides Again. Then Hollywood beckoned. In his first film, Elia Kazan’s critically acclaimed A Face in the Crowd, Griffith portrayed another country boy, this time with a manipulative and power-hungry streak. He followed it with a film version of No Time for Sergeants, featuring future Andy Griffith Show costar and lifelong pal Don Knotts.

In 1960, Griffith found runaway success with The Andy Griffith Show. The show, starring Griffith as the wise sheriff in the quirky and fictional North Carolina town of Mayberry, was an instant hit and a ratings powerhouse for the eight seasons in which Griffith starred. Famed director Ron Howard played Griffith’s sweet son, Opie, and Knotts played the inept deputy Barney Fife, a scene-stealer who snagged five Emmy Awards for the role. Griffith, meanwhile, never managed a single nomination for the show that bore his name. (He finally earned an Emmy nod for the 1981 TV movie Murder in Texas.)

Griffith endured several short-lived series in the ’70s and then suffered temporary leg paralysis from Guillain-Barre syndrome in the ’80s before enjoying an unlikely career renaissance in the title role of the legal drama Matlock, which debuted in 1986. “I don’t know how to do but two things,” he told USA Today in 1993. “I know how to write and I know how to act. I’m just not good at anything else.”

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Griffith continued to work steadily into his later years, reprising his Matlock role on Diagnosis: Murder alongside Dick Van Dyke in 1997; guest-starring on an episode of Dawson’s Creek in 2001; and playing the owner of the pie diner in Adrienne Shelley’s 2007 Sundance fave Waitress. He even returned to his musical roots, winning a Grammy and solid sales for his 1997 album, I Love to Tell the Story: 25 Timeless Hymns before settling into a quiet life in North Carolina — not unlike the life he portrayed on screen in his most memorable role.

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How Well Have You Built Your Business Banks?

More than just money?

When you think of a Business Bank are you automatically thinking about money? We have all acted as the architect of the many “Banks” that we have built throughout our lives. Imagine standing over a mini model of a set of rooms. Each room represents one of your “Banks”. Each room has its own name and an important function. The rooms/Banks include your Business Bank, Education Bank, Emotion Bank, Finance Bank, Family Bank, Leisure Bank, Management Bank and Spiritual Bank. All of these Banks are important and all of them impact your business.

You may already be forming ideals about what each of these Banks are constructed of, but you may be surprised by what you will learn about each of your Banks. You see, these Banks are always dynamic, evolving aspects of your life that you have to be have absolute awareness of in order to understand them and make sure they are optimally engaged.

1. Knowledge…The positive & negative!

Today, let’s examine how your Business Bank is constructed. Whether you own your business or work for someone else, this is an essential element of mega success. First off, it’s obvious that you have to view your business as a Bank of knowledge. What knowledge exist that is unique to your business that impacts your bottom line in a positive way? Is this information protected? Now, what information or miss conceptions exist that impacts your business in a negative way? Are you absolutely prepared to rationally respond to any and all negativity with professionalism and positivity? If you aren’t, you need to get prepared. Not because you need to “defend” what you do, but because you should be that knowledgeable about what you do. This gives you credibility.

2. Understand who works for you!

Second, realize that it is just as important – if not more important – to know your team/employees as it is to understand your competition. If your team is producing – you want to keep it that way! The best way to do this is to stay connected to them. Care about them and continue to engage them. Your time directed toward your mega producing team is one of the most lucrative investments you will ever make in your Business Bank. Make sure you have a system in place to accept feedback from your team and actually pay attention to it. But don’t just ask for feedback, also ask for solutions. Your competition will be wondering what your doing to get such amazing results!

3. Do you have optimum sales?

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4. Are your income streams flowing?

Fourth, multiple income streams in your Business Bank are important. Having more than one product/service available at multiple price levels simply makes sense. Being able to appeal to a more diverse population expands your Business Bank’s ability to draw in more customers. Even customers who enter your Business Bank with a base level product are important. Why? Because you have the opportunity to offer your other products to them later – once they have experienced the value of their first purchase.

5. What is customer service, really?

Fifth always, always, always have a system in place to accept feedback from your customers. Excellent customer service is absolutely essential. Get feedback on the customer experience. If a customer isn’t happy, know why. You many not be able to satisfy everyone, but make sure you understand the circumstances and that the situation was handled in a professional manor. The customer may go away unhappy because your not a magician, but the customer does not have to go away with a story to tell about how bad he/she was treated. Make sure everyone in your organization know customer service policies and make sure each customer is handled with respect. We can not control how they act – we CAN control how WE act. Train your people to make proper use of their “Emotional Bank”. More on this to come in a later blog.

6. How’s the atmosphere?

The sixth and final major area to get in check in your Business Bank is the atmosphere. The atmosphere must be complete with positive energies and strong “I CAN” attitudes. If you have an atmosphere full of negativity and “I can’t or don’t want to” then you have poison invading your business, your team, your banks, YOUR Business Bank. This, my friends, will cost you more than just money, it will cost you time, it will cost you the right team members and it will cost you undue stress. No mater how much you may like a person, if they are negative or have the “I can’t” or “I don’t want to” attitude get them as far away from your Business Bank as possible. You can not be the best you can be with negativity all around you and you can’t expect any different from your team/employees. Don’t subject yourself or your people to this kind unnecessary and destructive poison.

How does 100% Commission Sound?

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Do you have the core business instincts to do more than “just” succeed? After all, isn’t success relative? A friend of mine told me that she never dreamed she’d be living like she is today, “renting a few acres in the country and living in a small trailer with a hole in the wall that she can see all the way outside through!” “Really,” I said, “but someone, always has it much worse than you. There’s some guy out there living in a tiny tent who’d think your trailer is a sign of your success.”

This argument is, of course, logical, but only if we were talking about “just” plain success. Is that really what your looking for? How many times have you had an idea or a solution to a problem and knew that if you could just figure out a way to implement that to the masses YOU could could be MEGA SUCCESSFUL. How often have you seen someone on television or looked at a product said, “That could be me,” or “why didn’t I think of that?” Do you want to know what the difference is between YOU and THAT person? Primal Focus! Think about it. Take a look at the meaning of these two words:

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The difference in people who have achieved some success and those who are mega successful is that mega successful people have Primal Focus (PF). PF visionaries have the ability to either create a system for success and focus on it or to recognize an existing successful model and put it into action. PF visionaries don’t just implement a system though, they diligently repeat the power of the system, they continue to feed their level of knowledge, and they give out and receive positivity.

Primal Focus equals a core business instinct that must not only be understood, but also implemented to truly go beyond the every day success story. My friend is visiting this evening and I will be demonstrating to her exactly how she can go from her trailer to building her dream home. One of the most effective models I have found to achieve this is the Empower Network. This opportunity is powerful. If you are ready to tap into your Primal Focus and learn what it means to do more for yourself and your family than you ever dreamed possible, contact me today!

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